War Against : Facebook and Twitter usage in cars

War Against : Facebook and Twitter usage in cars.(US Regulators)


The automakers are approached by the US regulators to stop the in-car infotainment i.e., the transport department is asked to block the usage of social sites while driving including any kind of browsing.And also the car-makers insisted on designing such a navigation system which takes much less time to select and enter the address so that driver does not get distracted off the road.According to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood this thing is very similar to the no use of cell phone with hand while driving , on which the work is going on.


The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), which represents GM and Toyota among others, said its own guidelines were less restrictive. AAM says the government’s proposals will lead to more use of handheld phones and other devices.And AAM Spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist said that 98 % of the accidents are not due to inbuilt systems but due to other distraction on the road.As per AAM rules the infotainment is allowed at low speed driving.


The guidelines will start within three years and are applicable on new vehicles . National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the guidelines may be used to give incentives in its vehicle safety ratings in the future.


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