Repetitive DUI Offender Smashes Into Five Cars on Idaho Highway.What a McNutt !

Sunday (April 21, 2013), on Interstate 90 in the Coeur d’Alene area in Idaho , an unstable Kia sedan involved in five accidents and many near misses . An eyewitness , Kon Shiva , the owner of a vehicle tinting shop in Spokane , captured the footage . Kia driver was swinging on the road before he smashed into a blue Honda Civic and abandoned the scene with the cops right on his tail.


Shiva told the CDAPress that, “he saw some clouds of dust, and then came to the conclusion that the driving was not usual. We were blown away by it”.

The driver, was identified as Glenn M. McNutt […],50-year-old driver of the 2006 Kia was charged for DUI, aggravated battery, leaving the scene of an accident and operating a vehicle with no insurance.Amazingly, no serious injuries were reported.

The CDAPress reported that McNutt “has eight previous bookings in the Kootenai County jail – all DUI-related – from 2006 to 2011″, which if true, makes you wonder how and why he is still allowed to drive…



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