Future headlights : Turn rain invisible

The rain droplets is the bane for drivers driving after dark. But now the new technology co-developed by Intel and Carnegie Mellon University may prove advantageous,to find out how it works play the video.

Instead of relying on a bog-standard bulb to beam light out over a darkened road, the futuristic setup would use something more akin to a projector.The camera beneath that projector, keeping an eye on drops of rain as they enter the headlights’ beams. Information from that camera is sent to a processing unit, that identifies raindrops and makes a guess as to where each droplet is headed.The projector then spots out the bits of its projection where the rain drops are. The result is a light that shines out from the front of a vehicle in the dark, but doesn’t highlight any rain.


A powerful projector,camera and processing unit will be needed which will be more expensive than a normal bulb. And the technology will take about an decade to get implemented.

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