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Four Tips for Driving in the Rain

As you take the journey to your home, you may experience rainy conditions on the road, whether it’s a slight drizzle or a serious thunderstorm. Navigating through the wet weather requires you to take extra caution – here are a few tips for helping you drive through the rain. Here are Four Tips for Driving in the Rain from

Stay in the Middle

Most roads are shaped so there’s a slight incline leading up to the middle of the thoroughfare, so the water will drain down to the sides. recommends keeping your vehicle in the center of the road to avoid driving through large accumulations of water.

Go Easy on the Brakes

As you come to a stop, you should avoid putting immediate and forceful pressure on the brake, as this can cause your wheels to lock up. Combined with the wet roads, this can also cause your vehicle to skid. Instead, pump the brakes and only apply a slight bit of pressure. This makes it extra important to constantly look at the road ahead so you can begin stopping earlier.

Replace Wiper Blades

Wipers can get worn down, but you might not realize it until it rains and you have decreased visibility. Before you begin your journey, replace your wiper blades.

Keep Calm in Hydroplane

If your car begins to hydroplane, The Weather Channel warns against immediately braking or suddenly turning to correct your path. Instead, slowly take your foot off the gas pedal until you regain control. If you begin to skid, the source notes that you should take your foot off the gas pedal and try to steer the car where you want it to go. Don’t try to use the brakes if you don’t have anti-lock brakes, but if you do, steer into the skid.

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Used Car Dealerships Vancouver

Used Car Dealerships Vancouver


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